Greetings and salutations!

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Michalina. I was born on 10th of December, 1996. Currently I​ reside​
in Gdynia, Poland. My story begins with a particular coincidence that led to a moment which began my ongoing modeling career. Thanks to amazing artists I met during past few years, in 2014 a breakthrough happened. The game between me and camera became my main passion, my work and a lifestyle. In 2015 I posed for the first time to a nude act. From that event I b​egan​
to participate in photographic open-airs and workshops, as I do to this day. I also began working for Academies of Fine Arts as a model for drawing, painting and sclpture classes. I have experience in working here in Poland​,​
but also abroad as a model and a make-up artist. I studied and graduated in 2016 from the school of make-up, wig-making and theatrical characterization and became a professional, although my
passion for make-up in general stems from much earlier time, even before I became accomodated with photography. Usually I’m the one who arranges my image as the wholesome character. During 2016 and 2017 I co-worked with the rock band Sautrus, for whom I created characterization for photoshoots, music video and gigs. Documentary of my work can be seen in separate folder in the ‘Portfolio’ section.

Now that you know a little bit about what I’m occupied with these days, I’ll let ou know a bit more about me as a person, an artist. The engine of it all is my passion which is the act of creation. I desire fullfilment, constant growth and myriad of inspirations. I enjoy new challenges. I see them as new exciting ways for expressing myself. I find inspiration anywhere I can, although music and films are closest for me to hunt new ideas​ from​
. To become a full-fledged artist I believe it’s important to be surrounded constantly by this kind of people, to derive from them, to fuse potency with them and and also to combine difrrerent areas of art – and that is what I pursue.

I do not advertise something I don’t feel the connection to, that’s why I don’t take part in pure commercialism. My goal is to do art. I dissaprove modern approach to fine art because people tend to treat it as a whore, which is definitely not. It’s core is the intrica​c​
ies of human heart, not a mundane, materialistic needs or a way to enlarge ones ego. It should have some sort of meaning and higher, greater values. If there are no true feelings to it, art becomes nothing more than a mere artisan’s work. The spirit is very much needed in the process. Fot me art is healing, a therapy. It helps me to understand myself and the world that surrounds me. First and foremost it makes me happy and I dearly hope I can share my happiness with you, my viewer, through my works; maybe even evoke in you some old or new emotions. That’s what it’s all about.

So, without further a do, have a nice journey viewing my work and I hope you’ll visit me anytime soon!

P.S. When entering my realm the more proper the experience will be if you listen to soundtrack I prepared. Then you can become better in tune with my state of mind. When you’re not interested though, you have the opportunity to stop the music with just one click.


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